LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOBOOK: Have You Ever Been In An Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault? The Accident Group May Be Of Service… (27/08/21 @ The Peer Hat)

© Daniel Bailey

By Neve Robinson

Do you like TINFOILS? What about Blanketman? And have you been in an accident recently that wasn’t your fault? Then look no further, The Accident Group may well be the group for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: classic RR, a notoriously late live review to the point where one may even question it’s relevancy and thus legitimacy. But hear me out – for I actually recently had to make a claim with The Accident Group myself. For I was indeed in an accident; you see, the musical filth that I was subjected to at this incroyable gig caused me to break both legs in a freak dancing accident. I type this from a hospital bed with both legs suspended a la Oliver Hardy in County Hospital 1932 (see below).


Enough joking and pontificating though, and on with the review. The Accident Group are a supergroup of sorts comprised of an amalgamation of both English and Welsh talents, and every member has a breadth of experience in other bands or musical projects; by Christ, it shows. I had the pleasure of going down to their debut Manchester show at the Peer Hat many moons ago in late August, with nothing but the highest of expectations. I had heard some Soundcloud snippets of theirs in the early recording process, and considering they were technically demos, I was incredibly impressed. Every track showed a real diversity of genre and promise of prowess. On one song I was hearing XTC; on another I was hearing Parquet Courts, and one I couldn’t even pin my finger on, it was an indie-rock-post-whatever dream. So – did the show meet my towering preconceptions? In short: yes.

From a technical standpoint, they are talented immensely, and this is hugely due to the energy that each member brings to the whole operation. I could see the sweat splashing from Tayt Cockell’s drums as he smashed and crashed his way through an electric set, an act of both physical and emotional exertion. Their bass is driving and tight. Sound wise, if I had to pick one band that they remind me of (which again, given the variety of their repertoire, is difficult) I would have to say Talking Heads. It just so happens that they are probably my favourite band of all time, so The Accident Group’s tunes ticked all of my boxes naturally. The delivery of the pointed lyrics, the humour in their introductions and new-wave sensibility, even their disjointed and amusing dance moves mirroring their equally enthusiastic crowd. It screamed David Byrne to me. That can only be a wonderful, wonderful thing. I’m mostly impressed by how the members all use their previous experiences to their advantage. Their image and its execution is incomparable particularly for a new group. They’re already established intelligently. The proudly displayed artwork that the band groove in front of (by Joe O’Rourke) of a man with his trousers at his ankles paired with their clever shtick of being both a band and simultaneously a Manchester-based personal injury claims management company that went into administration…it’s just, for want of a better description, f*cking funny. ‘No-win-no-fee rock & roll.’ Genius. The fellas know how to stick in your mind; and on that note, what a class band name, right?!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band have more fun during a show. George Unitt and Nathan Bailey could not wipe the grins off their faces from the get-go, and that kind of thing is infectious. There was a real sense of joy in the crowd that night, like we were all witnessing something really new and really exciting. I looked around to the room bouncing and swaying, and in the room were many of my dearest friends, and this inspired a really warm feeling in me that only live music of this calibre can replicate. It’s fresh, it’s different. It felt like the future, if you’ll forgive the cringe cliché. I know something special happened that night, I just felt it. I like that they are incorporating sounds from their other bands whilst also bringing something completely beautifully random to the table. They work in tandem with each other and appear to be a strong team, which again is deeply admirable for just a seedling group.

A band of friends loved by friends of the band. It’s a beautifully communal thing. Maybe we’re all in need of The Accident Group in our lives, whether we’ve had work-based falls or not. I really am itching for them to release some stuff on streaming platforms to delve into. For me, not one track faltered live – that is not something to be sniffed at this early on! If you weren’t there, I pity ya, but you’ll be seeing lots more of these guys I’m sure of it so worry not. And besides, immerse yourself digitally: we’ve got below a wonderful set of images for you to peruse through below, by the talented Daniel Bailey (twin of Nathan!) Isn’t that a treat? Have a little look, give the boys a follow here and keep your eyes, ears and er, all your orificies open (sorry) for The Accident Group. You’ll get your claim sorted in due time.

© Daniel Bailey

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