Live Review: SWINE’s Dynamite Deco Records Return To Peer Hat, 7/08/21

© Neil Winward Photography, 2021

By Amelia Lloyd

SWINE’s first gig back was an energetic medley oozing long awaited joy. Singer and guitarist Michael Blakemore’s excitement to be back playing was contagious. A humble band writing refreshing tunes. With evident and varied inspirations ranging from unique nu-sounds à la Primus to energetic genres such as Ska, Swine’s performance went from good to great throughout their set. The crowd seemed uncontrollably compelled to pull a snarled bass-face moments into each song. A respectful nod of approval was seen between two men across the Peer Hat basement.

Drummer Stephen Day gurned his way through the set. A man with intense focus driving the SWINE-mobile from song to song. It was evident that SWINE wanted their first show back to be perfect. A well-rehearsed outfit who have made use of lockdown for rehearsal and betterment.

SWINE’s more contemporary and comical jams struck the most poignant chord with the audience; beaming smiles of success travelled their way across the band members faces after each song.

Beyond the music, SWINE appeared to be genuinely honoured to be back up on stage alongside so many peers and new friends.

The band’s rampant success finished with a cheering ovation. 

SWINE’s new single ‘Teacher’z Gaze’ drops soon. Follow them on Instagram here.

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