Alive And Amplified Hits The North: Interview With New Manc Club Night Rivalling Remake Remodel

By Neve Robinson

Word on the street is, there’s a new Manchester club night on the horizon. Despite my current status as a introverted sober hermit of sorts, I still adore a boogie and am always on the lookout for new haunts playing the best tunes in town. So when I heard about ‘Alive & Amplified’, brainchild of Oliver Duffy, Beck Clewlow and Ben White, I had to stick my nose in and get the skinny.

Hello, Oliver. So. Let’s start simple. Who are you, what’s your story, and aren’t you that fella from YAANG?

My name’s Oliver Duffy, I’m an international superstar mogul and upon growing tired of my multi-billion dollar luxury champagne company I decided to take the risky career move into running a rock n’ roll club night in Manchester. 

Also yes I am also in YAANG, who told you ?

What made you want to start up a club night?

I was really missing Remake Remodel mondays, so I made a playlist of all the tunes I would play if I DJed there, then my best mate and co-creator of A+A Ben White saw it and messaged me saying that we should just start our own thing and I don’t think I’ve ever said yes to anything quicker.

What makes A&A (not Alcoholics Anonymous, sorry for any confusion) different to other Manchester club nights?

Since Remake has stopped being a regular thing, we want to fill the gap they left, as without Remake, all you’re left with in terms of recurring nights for anything remotely rock n’ roll/new wave/synthpop is 42’s, Venue and the like. Now we’ve all had some great times in 42’s and Venue and absolutely no disrespect intended for either of those fine establishments, but the indie stuff just isn’t enough for people like us, so we want to take charge of something away from the indie side of things and give the people stuff more seldom heard on recurring club nights.

What kind of tunes can we expect from Alive & Amplified?

If I had to sum it up in 10 artists:

The B-52’s


Big Star

LCD Soundsystem


The Stooges

Le Tigre


Fat White Family

The Modern Lovers

The full list is on all our posters, though!

Talk about a bloody line-up. Where is the venue? Is it sort of a moving night around different venues?

The first night is going to be at Night People on Friday September 3rd. The plan is to have somewhere nailed on and do it weekly, but while we’re in the early stages we’re down to move around and try different places out. We’ve been doing some guest DJ spots here and there too, we did one at Wilderness Record Store and The Rose and Monkey, so keep your eye out for stuff like that.

I heard your opening night got delayed due to some broken bogs – please tell more?!

This is actually true. The night was originally supposed to be on the 10th of July, but that got binned because of COVID restrictions, so we changed it to Friday 13th of August, which we realise now is probably why the night is so cursed. On the day before the night was supposed to happen, I got an email from Chris, who runs the venue, telling me the toilets in Bloom, next door, had exploded and all bookings would be cancelled for two weeks which genuinely made me spit my coffee out.

Postponed because of a fucking exploding toilet! When has that ever happened?

I know the reason they exploded is because of drainage not working and stuff getting backed up to the point of bursting but I like to imagine someone just had an insane shit and blew the whole bathroom up.

Big shout out to Chris for being so accommodating with us though, gave us a new date straight away and let us DJ at the Rose and Monkey on the night at such short notice.

Is it just you at the helm as a superstar DJ here we go, or do you have backup?

Its an all-star trio comprised of myself and the aforementioned Ben White alongside Formal Sppeedwear legend and poster design god Beck Clewlow. 

We’re all gonna cover different areas so you’ll get something a little different from each of us.

What sort of dance moves do you bust out when you’re DJing? Please describe, and draw a diagram if it helps. Thanks.

That move Ron from Sparks does about 2 minutes into the Cool Places music video. Just that, nothing else.

Finally, because I always do these and I have the sense of humour of a child – SNOG MARRY AVOID, Mark E Smith, Thurston Moore, Brett Anderson?

Snog Brett Anderson 100%, marry Thurston Moore and I’m afraid I’d have to avoid Mark E Smith for fear of developing liver damage or a deep rooted resentment for the French.

Thanks for chatting with me today Oli, can’t wait to see ya at Alive & Amplified’s debut outing! 

Tickets for the first Alive & Amplified can be found here.

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