Worry not – hark, herald, F.Scott Fitzgerald – WE ARE BACK! With a brand new look an’ all…

For the unlucky sods who call themselves readers or followers of Robinson’s Records, you may have felt a real sense of relief having had a lovely little break from our content. There’s been a palpable radio silence on here for the past 2 months. I personally would like to tell you that this is because of vital phonographic research has been undertaken, or that we’re preparing a big tell-all exposé on Bono or something, or even that I’ve been touring as a soldier in Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army. Alas, unfortunately all I can say is that life has happened. To quote Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “life uh…finds a way,” and find a way to be a mess it has. It’s been an all-encompassing whirlwind of horribleness. I’ve been embroiled in quite the creative slump and have neglected my fellow writers, my readers and my radio listeners hugely in the process – well, no more. I’m sorry for being a social recluse. Happens to the best of us, I suppose. I’m back from the shadows, baby. And that means our blog is back with a vengeance.

It’s our dream (or at least, my vain self’s mission) to make this a real vehicle of music journalism and really get it off of the ground. So from now on, Scout’s Honour, my all will be poured into making this the creative powerhouse it deserves to be. Thank you to every single person who’s read, contributed, or even slagged off the blog (any press is good press, right?) Being the editor as well as a writer, reviewer, networker and radio presenter is a little bit more work than I’d thought, truth be told I got knackered up and I needed a break. But it’s rewarding work that I cherish, I love it, honest, and I love all of you! It’s time to throw ourselves headfirst back into this beloved brainchild of mine. So, what have we got that’s new?


  • An upcoming 1 and a hour Punk Powerhouses Special of Neve’s Sonic Shuffle on Whaley FM LOCKDOWN RADIO, 20/08/2021
  • Two new brand-spanking-fresh-from-the-oven iterations of Neve’s Sonic Shuffle, available here on my Mixcloud or below:
  • A brand new extra-long Funk episode of Bits ‘N’ Bops With Mads & Neve 14/08/2021, over on our Mixcloud and here below!


  • A gloriously gossipy tell-all expose of beloved music venue The Peer Hat by our resident wordsmith Angus C.Rolland
  • A live review of The Panamas’ EP launch live at Dr. Feelgoods, Stockport (supported by Liv May)
  • Lovely Mads’ top 20 girlband bops of the noughties
  • Alex Lamont’s cry for a safer post-COVID crowd mentality
  • Film soundtrack discussion of the iconic Midnight Cowboy tune “Everybody’s Talkin'”
  • Interview with new Manchester music night “Live & Amplified” creator Oliver Duffy


  • Single reviews by Lana Williams, including one of Solar Eyes’ new music video
  • Interview with The Accident Group, a new Manchester supergroup comprised of Chupa Cabra and Tinfoils alumni
  • Live review of The Liars Club at The Castle Hotel (supported by Swine, Chem Trails and Deh-Yey)
  • Josh Loynes’ intriguing overview of a strange early-experiment into Acid House from India
  • A look into the wonderful weird world of The Sparks Brothers, the new Edgar Wright/Mael documentary
  • Emily Read looks into Tyler, The Creator’s new stuff and gives her thoughts on the hip-hop veteran

& much, much, MUCH more over the coming months!!!

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this colorful chaos blog. As we’re all volunteers here, the only way we get your guys’ support and readership is by sharing and following the blog – please do if possible! Pop your email in the ‘sign up to the newsletter’ part and be notified when we next post. And please do remember, submissions are always welcome of any kind – just get in touch over at neveannarobinson@gmail.com! I am also trialling helping unsigned bands out with EPKs, so please do contact for information on teeny tiny admin fees regarding those (a girl has to eat!)

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, babe. RR is back, and we’re back with a vengeance. Love!

Sincerely (and soz again for being a sh*t excuse for a journalist),

The Team of Robinson’s Records

(but the unprofessional tone was me, Neve, obviously.)

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