Citation Heeded?

Somewhat of an Eno Exposé…

© Brian (Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle) Eno, of course

By Angus C. Rolland

Most familiar will know that history, with its tepid reliance on sources; first-hand, second-tense, tertiary-hand?, the fourth wall and oriental-whispering has an evident habit of getting misconstrued and/or tilted in favour of one agenda over an opposing one. This might not seem interesting in general, but actually; if you think about it in terms of your own circumstance as a living organism, we’ve all had friends fall into arguments that can often lead to a kind of informal-factionalism that may convolute what the actual truth is, for example – (try to imagine you are visiting an exhibit):

Subject A: “They stole the gilded, Byzantine-era figurine from the artefact display!”

Subject B: “Aha, they planted stated figurine from late-Antiquity on me so as to incur the wrath of the museum-originated law enforcement investigating!”

…In turn, this will obligate you to take a side, leading to all kinds of transgressive complications that you may very well have had nothing to do with, simply because of a hapless figurine! (Or any other placeholder object you may decide to tack onto this swiftly constructed scenario).

Anyway, through morbid curiosity I edited a Wikipedia page on Pigeon Fancying; the art of tending to a domesticated feather-friend for the typical purpose(s) of sport, food or dispatching messages if (should?) childhood curiosities with the Hanna-Barbera metaverse somehow persist into hypothetical adulthood… By adding a fictional entry under the ‘Famous Fanciers’ subheading, with the entry of salience being none other than producer-musician-all-round-gizmo: (metaphorical drum roll) Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle… Eno (RDI). I then proceeded to edit his own page to further construct the lie that he took part in this multi-millennia spanning hobby, (supposedly) around the time of his pre-Roxy, Art College youth; for a number of intermittent months in 2020/21 (check the edit logs) it remained un-rectified by the thinly stretched, overworked and largely unremunerated censor-editors in the employ of that donation craving, smaller-net-worth-than-I-thought entrepreneur, Jimmy ‘this article is semi-protected‘ Wales. Irregardless of their meddlesome tenacity, the editing will continue.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 151220812_420577775837278_8367544789227491644_n-1.jpg

Yet, by writing about what I have done I risk bringing something along the lines of the Hawthorne Effect into the equation, which of course would be detrimental to my aspiration of tricking internet-goers into thinking this ploy is a *Certified Factoid*, complimented by bibliographic insulation. To loftily project; maybe it will spring up on a message board relating to the aforementioned pastime? Perhaps it emerges in a clickbait article via Consequence of Sound as part of a ‘Celebs Who Are A Bit Odd?’ ad-revenue-over-substance web traffic defibrillator…? Percase (a genuine word) some unwitting fourth-estate operative will bring it up in an interview with Lord Eno himself and make themselves look like a post-chlorinated clown because they thought they were being clever by doing some pre-interview research, only for them to be rebuked as ill-informed and possibly blacklisted from future journalistic ventures… or (judging by the polymath’s perceived demeanour) more likely be corrected and it laughed off, but at least still reference and thereby validate my journeyman attempt at disinformation.

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