© Ella Heaton, Sam Shaw.

By Josh Loynes

When daily life is reduced to an anxious, out of control nightmare sometimes, the perfect countermeasure and comfort is a bittersweet yet beautiful dream. Here to provide that, slipping straight out of a synthesised cloud, this collab single from Boshe (Ella Heaton) and Sam Shaw plunges deep into washed out dream pop sounds and drags us back into a smooth, enveloping pool of hazy noise.

Maybe it’s the synths harking back to a time when we were younger and it was cool to love Tame Impala and Sterling Dual (not that I don’t secretly indulge in both to this day), or it’s entirely unrelated and just happened to coincide with me fully grasping the impact of recent events, but I couldn’t help feeling profoundly nostalgic listening to this song. It left me reflecting and reminiscing on “what was” where throughout my life, the last year included, I’ve largely been accepting of the present.

Probably contributing to this sudden onset of ennui are Heaton’s reverb-drenched lyrics that throb with an aching melancholy, crying for a love lost that never even was. Buried deep in the mix, they often merely suggest their presence, and leave you searching and longing for more, existing as an alluring concept much like their subject matter.

Driving the song and tethering it back down to reality throughout its runtime is the firm and steady march of an unyielding but soft drum machine, with its only company at the forefront of the track being the light, skittering bursts of keys bouncing gleefully from note to note.

Propping all this up, relentless waves of shimmering synths make up the body of the track, creating a ghostly and translucent feel to the meat on the bones, a tonne of feathers too soft to feel solid but with more than enough weight to crush you. Credit has to be given to Shaw for the production throughout; the enrapturing dance of vocals and melody rising, falling and shifting together is really the heart and soul of of the track and what solidifies the song as a bittersweet ode to modern love. It was a pleasure to listen to, and I can’t encourage you to listen to it enough.

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